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AF025438 SA cluster:9079  ?
General information
UniGene ClusterHs.294041
DescriptionHomo sapiens Opa-interacting protein OIP2 mRNA, partial cds
Cross Reference
GeneEXOSC8 exosome component 8
12323 Gene conserved in EukaryotaAF279901 Homo sapiens PNAS-147 mRNA, partial sequence
AK096810 Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ39491 fis, clone PROST2015924, weakly similar to Homo sapiens Opa-interacting protein OIP2 mRNA
BC020773 Homo sapiens exosome component 8, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:22685 IMAGE:4808747), complete cds
CR595030 full-length cDNA clone CS0DM003YP02 of Fetal liver of Homo sapiens (human)
CR602904 full-length cDNA clone CL0BB015ZF06 of Neuroblastoma of Homo sapiens (human)
CR612849 full-length cDNA clone CS0DJ006YC21 of T cells (Jurkat cell line) Cot 10-normalized of Homo sapiens (human)
NM_181503 Homo sapiens exosome component 8 (EXOSC8), mRNA
AJ505005 Mus musculus mRNA for CBP-interacting protein 3 (CIP3 gene)
AK009584 Mus musculus adult male tongue cDNA, RIKEN full-length enriched library, clone:2310032N20 product:OPA-INTERACTING PROTEIN OIP2 (FRAGMENT) homolog [Homo sapiens], full insert sequence
AK047257 Mus musculus 10 days neonate cerebellum cDNA, RIKEN full-length enriched library, clone:B930042L20 product:unclassifiable, full insert sequence
AK169719 Mus musculus 2 days neonate thymus thymic cells cDNA, RIKEN full-length enriched library, clone:E430012K03 product:exosome component 8, full insert sequence
AK220227 Mus musculus mRNA for mKIAA4013 protein
BC059089 Mus musculus exosome component 8, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:70125 IMAGE:6509820), complete cds
BC067250 Mus musculus exosome component 8, mRNA (cDNA clone IMAGE:1247929), partial cds
BG088541 H3154D05-5 NIA Mouse 15K cDNA Clone Set Mus musculus cDNA clone H3154D05 5', mRNA sequence
NM_027148 Mus musculus exosome component 8 (Exosc8), mRNA
OMIM*606019 Exosone Component 8; Exosc8
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