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AF025441 SA cluster:11323  ?
General information
UniGene ClusterHs.567421
DescriptionHomo sapiens Opa-interacting protein OIP5 mRNA, partial cds
Cross Reference
GeneOIP5 Opa interacting protein 5
5268 Gene conserved in AmniotaBC015050 Homo sapiens Opa interacting protein 5, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:9610 IMAGE:3908972), complete cds
CR603974 full-length cDNA clone CS0DI066YL17 of Placenta Cot 25-normalized of Homo sapiens (human)
NM_007280 Homo sapiens Opa interacting protein 5 (OIP5), mRNA
OMIM*606020 Opa-interacting Protein 5; Oip5
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